For those who are not Erik: Heya, I'm Eto, and I tend to post drawings, cute birds (esp. cockatiels and kiwis and sometimes Hatoful Birdfriends), dinosaurs, bugs, X-Files, music, and other happy-making things.

When people equate virginity at any age with being a loser.


I am now officially a kristmas kiwi. :’)

Let the nonstop party that is December begin!

what if instead of concrete sidewalks we just laid fallen trees / logs as paths wherever we wanted to go and just hopped up and walked along them how great would that be

(the answer is really great)

Sometimes I can’t find what I want on the internet and I feel this sort of deep-seated sense of betrayal. 

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when I am supreme dinosaur overlord of the earth

I’m going to keep a number of professional photographers hostage

and periodically trap them with certain species of under-photographed animals until they take a certain amount of high-quality photographs of said species

for me to use as reference photos and general oggling over

and so that I will always have easy access to new pictures of kiwis for my kiwi blog

My kiwi blog has just reached 100 posts and 64 followers.