For those who are not Erik: Heya, I'm Eto, and I tend to post drawings, cute birds (esp. cockatiels and kiwis and sometimes Hatoful Birdfriends), dinosaurs, bugs, X-Files, music, and other happy-making things.

wow it must really be nice to have a consistent way of coloring that one can fall back on every time one draws

maybe if I was like that I wouldn’t open up drawings after not working on them for a day or two and be COMPLETELY LOST as to what the method to my madness was last time I was working on it

SSSO I was gonna go see Lion King in 3D today with the little sibling because I keep hearing good things about it and my dad had given me some money to go do fun stuff with.

BUT we get to the theater place and I’m like YEAH TWO TICKETS but apparently….our theater was only showing it in 3D once a day and it was at 11am and it was about 4 when we got there (we were going for a 4:30 showing) and for the rest of the day they were just showing it normal…?

and I was very confused because I thought the WHOLE GIMMICK was that it was in ~3D~ and ~special~ and at least split the showings in half or something because who goes to the movies at 11 in the morning anyway?

so that was a

failed adventure

but then we went to the bookstore and I bought another volume of Yotsuba&! and we have all this candy that we were going to eat at the movies and things

so it was still a good day I suppose