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"Since the kiwi has no tail, no wings, and no obvious color patches, and is a nocturnal bird, one wonders how the male attracts the attention of the female. Evidently the males lie on their backs and kick their feet in the air, then proceed to roll down a bank. Along with human children and this writer, female kiwis find it irresistible."

Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson (via thebirdnotthefruit)

"then proceed to roll down a bank"

oh my god

"Kiwis are notorious self-editors, sometimes to the point where they despair of saying anything in public at all."
Jory’s little spotted kiwi analysis

(Source: daemonpage.com)

"The rule of thumb is that nine times out of ten, if you pick up a kiwi and shake it, you’ll hear something pinging around in there because you’ve broken it, whether you intended to do damage or not."
Jory’s little spotted kiwi analysis

(Source: daemonpage.com)

  • "If there’s any single trait you need to take away from this analysis in order to potentially identify kiwi souls in future, it would be that kiwis are introverted. […] Kiwi souls are reserved, private and introverted; they have extremely complex internal worlds, they require time away from human company (or, if they cannot be fully alone, in very quiet familiar company with little or no active interaction), and they generally find meeting new people and making new friends challenging, preferring to stick to established relationships. Ill-adjusted introverts are often awkward and uncomfortable in social situations, and even very healthy kiwis often experience that sensation, being so unusual and finding it so difficult to share their thoughts and to work with others."

A thing I really liked about the little spotted kiwi analysis is that the VERYVERY FIRST IMPORTANTEST THING discussed is kiwis and introversion

because out of all of the words that I use to describe or identify myself, “introvert” has always been the first and most important way to talk about myself with other people who know the term

and I feel like people who cannot understand the concept of introversion will be unable to understand me on a fundamental level.

In fact, when I went to counseling for a few weeks, one of the biggest red flags that ultimately caused me to quit seeing my counselor was their apparent unfamiliarity with what introversion was and the way that they looked at me like an alien when I attempted to describe that social interaction wears me out mentally and that I need time alone to recharge.

(Source: daemonpage.com)



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I think my dad believed he could hide grapes from me