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For those who are not Erik: Heya, I'm Eto, and I tend to post drawings, cute birds (esp. cockatiels and kiwis and sometimes Hatoful Birdfriends), dinosaurs, bugs, X-Files, music, and other happy-making things.

Blacky meets spring / / Michael Kasper


Blacky meets spring / /

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hello are you a ufo

hello are you a ufo

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etosaurus asked : oh!! you should do one for me, Eto or Eto Kiwi maybe??? I don't mind genre as long as it isn't like angry and loud haha


(I’m doing Etomo Kiwi so that it’s long enough for 8tracks!!)

[on 8tracks]

Elevator - Erin McCarley

Topeka - Ludo

Oblivion - Bastille

Magnolia Wine - Charlene Kaye

On ‘n’ On - Justice (I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE it’s not as loud as a lot of their stuff but I’m still not sure if it’s quite your genre????)

Koo Koo - Oh Land

In My Head - Bluejay

Where Did I Leave That Fire - Neko Case

I Like Birds - Eels


davusignavus asked : h, i, and n for the music meme ouo

H. A song that reminds me of my childhood

Ohhh god okay let’s see. Let’s do Your Heart Will Lead You Home by Kenny Loggins from the Tigger Movie. ;__;! 

I. A song that gives me butterflies

A very dear friend of mine gave me Marching On by One Republic so I get associative happy butterfly feelings thinking about them (and it’s a nice uplifting song too!) 

N. A song by a band I want to see live 

I am…so in love with…the band Woodpigeon… So here is a video of them singing I Live A Lot of Places while I sit and cry over Mark Hamilton’s voice 

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Anonymous asked : M, q, v, w, z

M. A song that doesn’t have a video but I wish it had 

Hmm I don’t actually watch videos for my songs so I’m not sure!  I think Astronomy Is My Life, But I Love You by Breaking Laces would lend itself to some really nice visuals if given the chance though? 

Q. A song to drive to 

This is a cover, but I always chuckle a bit when I’m driving and Maybe You Should Drive by Craig Cardiff comes on. 

V. A non-english song

God bless america and all the music made outside of it. How about Om du rör mig dör jag by Martin Stenmarck? It isn’t on my computer anymore for SOME reason so it’s good to revisit it! When I was first learning Swedish my goal was to be able to sing as fast as he does in this song because it just seems IMPOSSIBLY FAST to a beginner haha.

W. A song with an amazing music video.

Eek, I don’t really watch music videos for my songs….. sweats nervously. I think the style for Robin Song by Woodpigeon is really interesting? 

Z. A random song!

How about Summer Sun by Jukebox the Ghost

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coerulescens asked : Song meme: A E I O U (and Y, if you want)

A. An Uplifting Song

I…am going to sheepishly put forward Generator ^ Second Floor by Freelance Whales because, while it is about death, it’s in a “I’ve lived my life to the fullest and I’m happy so please don’t be sad about me” kind of way and I find that…uplifting…

Alternatively, Go Places by The New Pornographers.

E. A Song by a Band I’ve Seen Live

For a panicked moment I thought the only bands I’ve seen live were christian pop bands. Instead let’s go with Why Georgia by John Mayer

I. A Song That Gives Me Butterflies 

Shoelaces by The Submarines is a very enfriendly song for me so it makes me all giddy haha.

O. A Melancholic Song 

It would be a shame to get through this list without putting a Woodpigeon song in here, so let’s do A Moment’s Peace for Mary Christa O’Keefe.

U. A Fictional Pairing Song

I’ve not been able to stop thinking of Ryouta and Hiyoko from Hatoful Boyfriend (I’m so sorry) while listening to Sight of the Sun by fun. recently.

Y. A Song I Would Send My Crush 

Ah man, I always shared all kinds of music with my crushes… I introduced enfriend to Owl City so how about The Bird and the Worm?

citydin asked : a c:

Ah yes it is convenient that you are Swedish because the first song I thought of was Halleluja by Molly Sandén! Her lyrics are very positive and calming to me haha. 

raiona asked : G: a song to party your butts off to !

Haha I was A LITTLE NERVOUS about this one because I don’t listen to much energetic party-like music. But I found one!!

Sink/Let it Sway by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is super fun to listen and get pumped up to.

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